Timefaces for your SmartWatch

Timefaces transform your SmartWatch into an individual work of art. Designed lovingly by young creatives you’ll always have a nice time with these designs!

Timefaces of artists - for you

Art arises only where there is no intellectual narrow-mindedness. Therefore our free-thinkers and unconventional thinkers get the room that their demanding work requires. In their manufactories and studios our partly award-winning illustrators, graphic designers and cartoonists draw, make and develop unique characters, life stories and designs for your SmartWatch with a lot of passion.

The result: Timefaces that are as individual as the young creative minds that created them.

Timefaces for your Smartphone

Timefaces not only transform your SmartWatch into a work of art. Even your smart phone becomes the framework for beautiful, individual designs. As a widget on your home screen, the Timeface tells stories from the lives of various characters or shows you the time as text in different colours and designs.

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Choose your Timeface!

Yawn with Mr Schmidt when the alarm goes off at 6:45. Dream yourself into the world of the good-humoured Carla and her octopus Schnuu during your afternoon nap at 15:00. Or simply check the time and enjoy the beautiful framed design. From bouncy and puristic to classic and elegant: Discover the Timeface, which emphasises your personal style. The complete list of our current apps can be found at Google Play.

Textual Timeface

Textual Timeface 0,99 € Get it onGoogle play

Mister Smith

Mister Smith 0,99 € Get it onGoogle play

Carla & Schnuu

Carla & Schnuu 0,99 € Get it onGoogle play


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